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24-25th January 2024

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Live Panels



Past Speakers

Picture of Evan You
Evan You
Creator of Vue.js
Picture of Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Founder & CEO Vue School
Author of the first Vue.js book
Picture of Anthony Fu
Anthony Fu
Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Vite.js Core team member
Creator of Vitest
Picture of Natalia Tepluhina
Natalia Tepluhina
Vue.js Core Team
Staff Frontend Engineer GitLab
Picture of Pooya Parsa
Pooya Parsa
Creator of Nitro and UnJS and Co-Creator of Nuxt3
Picture of Maria Lamardo
Maria Lamardo
Digital Design Accessibility Manager at CVSHealth
Web A11y Consultant
Picture of Maya Shavin
Maya Shavin
Senior SE Microsoft
VueJS Israel Founder
Picture of John Leider
John Leider
Creator of Vuetify
Picture of Daniel Roe
Daniel Roe
Head of Nuxt Framework
Picture of Anuradha Kumari
Anuradha Kumari
Frontend Consultant at Passionate People
Picture of Eduardo San Martin Morote
Eduardo San Martin Morote
Vue.js Core Team member
Creator of Pinia and Vue Router
Picture of Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Lead Vue School Instructor
Vue.js Forge Master of Code
Picture of Luke Diebold
Luke Diebold
Quasar Core Team Member
Senior Web Developer
Picture of Kia Ishii
Kia Ishii
Vue.js Core Team
Picture of Paige Kelley
Paige Kelley
Senior Software Developer Pax8
Picture of Thorsten Lünborg
Thorsten Lünborg
Vue.js Core Team
Picture of Cody Bontecou
Cody Bontecou
Senior Fullstack Engineer at DEPT®
Picture of Jessica Sachs
Jessica Sachs
Staff Software Engineer Path AI
Core Team member Faker
Picture of Michael Thiessen
Michael Thiessen
Mastering Nuxt 3 Instructor
Vue.js Educator
Picture of Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CDXO VueStorefront
Picture of Ramona Schwering
Ramona Schwering
Software Engineer Shopware
Picture of Justin Schroeder
Justin Schroeder
Creator of FormKit
Picture of Amir Rustamzadeh
Amir Rustamzadeh
Director of Developer Experience at Cypress
Software Developer
Picture of Shivay Lamba
Shivay Lamba
Developer Relations Engineer Meilisearch
Picture of Jakub Andrzejewski
Jakub Andrzejewski
Senior Developer & Dev Advocate VueStorefront
Nuxt, Storyblok & Algolia ambassador
Google Dev Expert in Web Performance
Picture of Abdelrahman Awad
Abdelrahman Awad
Senior Frontend Engineer at Octopods
Author of VeeValidate
Picture of Sébastien Chopin
Sébastien Chopin
Creator of Nuxt
Picture of Charles Watkins
Charles Watkins
Picture of Erik Hanchett
Erik Hanchett
Front End Engineer AWS
Picture of Alex Jover Morales
Alex Jover Morales
Picture of Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
Senior Frontend Developer
Picture of Abhijeet Prasad
Abhijeet Prasad
Software Engineer at Sentry
Picture of Łukasz Holeczek
Łukasz Holeczek
Founder of CoreUI
Picture of Austin Gil
Austin Gil
Web Developer
Picture of Will Marple
Will Marple
Lead Full stack Web Developer Black Airplane
Picture of Dominic Blain
Dominic Blain
Developer at Snipcart
Picture of Justin Metros
Justin Metros

Vue.js Nation 2024 Speakers to Be Announced!

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Vue.js Nation 2024
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The conference will take place on 24-25th January 2024

We welcome everyone - from beginners to pros!

We are looking for extraordinary and talented speakers from different backgrounds:

Open source contributors,

Company leaders,

Developer beginners, and

Other Vue.js enthusiasts eager to share their knowledge with the community.

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Live Q&A with all the Speakers

Join us after the talks for a 1-hour Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to interact directly with our amazing experts to get your burning questions answered.

Where else can you get direct access to the Vue-est of speakers directly and in-person? Only at Vue.js Nation!

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Program Committee

Picture of Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Founder & CEO Vue School
Author of the first Vue.js book
Picture of Ana Marija Majkić
Ana Marija Majkić
Community Manager at Vue School
Picture of Maria Panagiotidou
Maria Panagiotidou
Director of Operations at Vue School
Picture of Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson
Customer Success Manager at Vue School

Master of Ceremony

Picture of Jenn Junod
Jenn Junod
Master of Ceremony
Developer Advocate at Aiven

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