Vue 3 Composition API

Leverage the power of the Composition API to better organize your Vue.js components by logical concern, create reusable/stateful composables, and get the most out of TypeScript.

Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
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February 2
2:00 PM UTC (5 hrs)
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Intermidiete Vue.js developers


Vue.js offers 2 API’s for interacting with its core functionality: the Options API and the Composition API. The Composition API was introduced later in Vue’s lifetime with the aim to solve several limitations of it’s predecessor.

This alternate API is a tremendous improvement on:

  1. Organising and structuring Vue.js applications
  2. Code Reusability
  3. and Typescript Support

While the Options API is still very much supported and isn’t going anywhere, once grasped, the Composition API has some clear and present benefits for the serious Vue.js developer.

In the Vue 3 Composition API workshop, you will learn when and how to use the new API. You will also get hands on experience showcasing why we needed this API. Lastly, you’ll learn what it means for the modern era of Vue development.

Throughout the day you will practice what you learn by working on a lot of hands-on assignments with live help from Daniel. Once finished, you will have tamed the ferocious power of the Composition API. You will be able to integrate it readily into your applications and efficiently replace all your mixins & workarounds with composition functions (ie. composables).


  1. Essential Composition API syntax and functions
  2. Script setup
  3. When and how you should use the Composition API
  4. Replacing mixins with composition functions
  5. Organising code by feature

Who is this for

This is an advanced workshop for developers that are already proficient with the Options API and are looking to convert their workflow to using the Composition API.

If you cannot stand working with mixins and 1000-lines components anymore or if TypeScript support is important for your team, then this workshop is made for you!


Experience with the Vue.js Options API Experience building full scale Vue.js apps

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