TypeScript + Vue Workshop

TypeScript is a super set of the JavaScript language that introduces static typing. Learn how to combine it with Vue.js for maintainable and scalable apps.

Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
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April 11
1:00 PM UTC (5h)
$ 299


This workshop is ideal for web developers who know the basics of Vue and TypeScript and want to build large scale apps with Vue.js.


Typing reactive data
Typing computed props
Typing props and events
Typing template refs
Typing provide inject
Hands on refactoring exercise


JavaScript is a dynamically typed language that’s great for rapid development and prototyping but can lead to large scale applications with more bugs and less confidence when refactoring.

TypeScript addresses these issues by providing static typing for improved IDE integrations, and better error detection via static analysis resulting in code with less bugs and improved developer confidence to make changes to existing code.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to write your Vue.js applications using the same language the core Vue.js lib is written in: TypeScript. Learn how to type component props and events. Get hands on experience refactoring a Vue.js component written in TypeScript and see for yourself how TypeScript can help guide you through the process. Also, provide typed data that can be injected in any child component. If you can do it in Vue, this workshop will teach you how to make it type safe.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the technical know-how, as well as the practical best practices, on using TypeScript for your Vue.js projects.


  • Experience with the basics of Vue.js
  • Experience with the basics of TypeScript
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