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January 26th & 27th 2022

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Picture of Evan You
Evan You
Creator of Vue.js and Vite
Picture of Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Founder & CEO Vue School
Author of the first Vue.js book
Picture of Abdelrahman Awad
Abdelrahman Awad
Author of VeeValidate
Senior Engineer at Rasayel
Picture of Natalia Tepluhina
Natalia Tepluhina
Vue.js Core Team
Staff Frontend Engineer GitLab
Picture of Charles Watkins
Charles Watkins
Picture of Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Lead Vue School Instructor
Vue.js Forge Master of Code
Picture of Maya Shavin
Maya Shavin
Senior SE Microsoft
VueJS Israel Founder
Picture of Sébastien Chopin
Sébastien Chopin
Creator of Nuxt
Picture of Luke Diebold
Luke Diebold
Quasar Core Team Member
Senior Web Developer
Picture of Abhijeet Prasad
Abhijeet Prasad
Software Engineer at Sentry
Picture of Maria Lamardo
Maria Lamardo
Digital Design Accessibility Manager at CVSHealth
Web A11y Consultant
Picture of Eduardo San Martin Morote
Eduardo San Martin Morote
Creator of Pinia and Vue Router
Mastering Pinia instructor
Picture of Daniel Roe
Daniel Roe
Head of Nuxt Framework
Picture of Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CDXO Alokai
Picture of Amir Rustamzadeh
Amir Rustamzadeh
Director of Developer Experience at Cypress
Software Developer
Picture of Alex Jover Morales
Alex Jover Morales
Picture of Justin Metros
Justin Metros
Picture of Pooya Parsa
Pooya Parsa
Creator of Nitro and UnJS and Co-Creator of Nuxt3
Picture of Austin Gil
Austin Gil
Web Developer
Picture of Anthony Fu
Anthony Fu
Vue.js, Nuxt and Vite Core team member
Creator of Vitest
Picture of Łukasz Holeczek
Łukasz Holeczek
Founder of CoreUI
Picture of Dominic Blain
Dominic Blain
Developer at Snipcart

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Our one day, single track lineup of industry leaders and developer experts covering topics from across the app development ecosustem.
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26th January
02:00 PM
Rob Axelsen
02:10 PM
New Vue 3 Docs
Evan You
Learn all about the brand new content that is coming with the new release of updated Vue 3 Docs, the process of rewriting the chapters and the implementation! Learn how to make your site extremely fast and performant!
02:30 PM
LIVE Panel with Evan You
Evan You
02:50 PM
State of Vue School 2022 + BIG announcement
Alex Kyriakidis
Learn about the state of Vue School in 2022, the educational platform dedicated to Vue.js, and what they have in store for you this year!
03:20 PM
7 ways to make your Vue unit tests better
Natalia Tepluhina
Unit testing is hard. Unit testing Vue components is even harder. Learn good Unit testing practices developed over the years of Natalia's experience with Vue.js and improve your testing skills!
03:50 PM
03:55 PM
Getting started with payments in Vue 3
Charles Watkins
Accepting payments is a core component of starting any online business, whether you’re building a future unicorn or creating a side hustle as an indie hacker. Learn how to build a payments integration using Vue3, Stripe.js, and Express!
04:25 PM
Lightning talks: Introduction to Vitest
Anthony Fu
Meet Vitest, a blazing fast unit-test framework powered by Vite. Start running your tests FAST!
04:30 PM
Lightning talks: Headless Marketing Site with Nuxt & Dato
Dominic Blain
What we learned building our new Jamstack website. A brief melting pot of considerations and tips when building a real-world Vue.js + Nuxt website.
04:40 PM
Lightning talks: UI Components for Vue 3
Łukasz Holeczek
Learn how (to) easy master an app interface with CoreUI for Vue 3.
04:50 PM
05:10 PM
Nuxt 3 and Nitropack
Pooya Parsa
Let's discover Nitro and Nuxt 3. Server API, Typescript, Hybrid Static Rendering, Edge workers, and Multiplatform deployments are like a piece of cake! NitroPack project makes it possible to use Nitro for any framework or server!
05:40 PM
The secret Power of DX in the Vueniverse
Alex Jover Morales
The web community is making huge DX (Developer eXperience) efforts in tools, frameworks, and products to make creating a website an enjoyable experience. But... are you into the DX trend yet? Learn the keys that make a tool have best-in-class DX, how it’s achieved in the Vue community, and how it's done at Storyblok!
06:10 PM
06:20 PM
Thinking about accessibility so no one else has to
Austin Gil
What began as a repository of common UI patterns that Austin was copying and pasting from project to project would eventually be published with the hopes of making the web more accessible, without compromising on performance or bespoke styles. It took years of research, trial-and-error, and hours coming up with a name clever enough to capture the hearts of developers. Today, Vuetensils provides a collection of naked UI components built with the markup and functionality you want. All you need to do is bring your own styles.
06:50 PM
The Quasar Framework: Winning Hearts And Blowing Minds!
Luke Diebold
Learn how Quasar can send your productivity into the stratosphere, why Quasar is truly special and more about \"App Extensions\", Quasar's most underrated feature and your new best friend!
07:20 PM
Rob Axelsen
27th January
02:00 PM
Rob Axelsen
02:10 PM
Migrating From Vue CLI to Vite
Daniel Kelly
Vite has revolutionized the Vue.js development experience with it's lightning fast server starts and HMR. It's the definite first pick for starting up any new project. But what about your existing projects that use Vue CLI? Vue CLI projects can be migrated to use Vite to capitalize on that awesome developer experience. Learn the steps to get it done!
02:40 PM
Visualize your State Management with XState
Maya Shavin
Learn a new concept to start your developing process - advanced XState for complex State Management in Vue.js applications, and start building complex architecture!
03:10 PM
The Future of Component Testing
Amir Rustamzadeh
Cypress completely reimagined the developer experience of testing components. It is set to bring Cypress workflow and API that developers have come to love for E2E testing to component testing. In doing so, the Cypress team overcame many of the common pain-points that exist within status quo tooling and have created the ultimate testing tool for component-driven development. Catch an early preview of the next generation of component testing!
03:40 PM
03:45 PM
Composing Vue.js Forms with vee-validate
Abdelrahman Awad
Handling forms in Vue.js takes a whole new shape with the composition API, allowing seamless integration between libraries and components. Learn how to use vee-validate's Composition API to craft exceptional form experiences for your users!
04:15 PM
Develop Performant Ecommerce with Nuxt + Shopify
Justin Metros
With physical stores closed by the pandemic, Universal Standard, the world’s most size inclusive fashion brand, migrated to a headless Shopify storefront with Nuxt.js, running on Layer0. Tune in to hear the key lessons learned from building a high performing eCommerce website that resulted in a 200% increase in mobile conversation rate. You’ll discover tips for a seamless migration and proven techniques for server-side rendering (SSR), caching, performance optimization, and deployments with an emphasis on developer experience. As a BONUS: Access NuxtShop, an open source starter kit for developing headless eCommerce on Shopify with Vue 3, Nuxt 3, Apollo, Tailwind 3, and Pinia.
04:45 PM
05:05 PM
Nuxt 3 - From Zero to Hero
Daniel Roe
Take a tour at the nevest version of the Nuxt.js framework and witness buidling a Nuxt 3 application from the ground up LIVE - learning more about the current (and future) state of Nuxt 3 along the way!
05:35 PM
Nuxt Core Team LIVE Panel
Sébastien Chopin
Daniel Roe
Pooya Parsa
05:55 PM
06:05 PM
A Different Vue into Web Performance
Abhijeet Prasad
Solving your front-end performance problems can be hard, but identifying where you have performance problems in the first place can be even harder. Dive deep into UX research, browser performance APIs, and developer tools that will show you the reasons why your Vue applications may be slow and get answers to frequently asked questions like: \"What does it mean to have a fast website?\" and \"How do I know if my performance problem is really a problem?\".
06:35 PM
Beyond State Management with Pinia
Eduardo San Martin Morote
When we think about Vuex, Pinia, or stores in general we often think about state management and the Flux patterns but not only do stores not always follow the Flux pattern, there is so much more about stores that make them worth using! Plugins, devtools, server side rendering, TypeScript integrations, and more! Dive into everything beyond state management with Pinia with practical examples about plugins and devtools to get the most out of your stores.
07:05 PM
What you need to build successful Open Source product at scale - lessons learned from building Vue Storefront (and not only)
Filip Rakowski
If you're building a project and you want it to be successful you need to act as a developer, marketer, community manager and sometimes business owner at the same time! Sounds hard? Tune into a live session where you will learn all the necessary steps in building successful Open Source products from the ground up - from community building to monetization. Filip will share the extensive knowledge he gained in hopes of creating a more sustainable and open web!
07:35 PM
Rob Axelsen

Program Committee

Picture of Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Founder & CEO Vue School
Author of the first Vue.js book
Picture of Ana Marija Majkić
Ana Marija Majkić
Community Manager at Vue School
Picture of Maria Panagiotidou
Maria Panagiotidou
Director of Operations at Vue School
Picture of Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson
Customer Success Manager at Vue School

Master of Ceremony

Picture of Rob Axelsen
Rob Axelsen
Platform Developer Relations Lead at Dynatrace
Meetup organizer of Vue.js Vienna

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